We have been making the trip to Northern Norway for the past three years in April and we absolultely love it. Our home in Lyngen is awesome. Last year, after we had finished up in the Troms, sent an exploratory team down to the Lofoten Islands to perhaps one of the most beautiful places on the planet!

We loved it so much that we want to take you there! The plan being to spend half the week in the middle of the chain of Islands and then head to the start near Narvik where we can continue ski touring but also check out the lifts in Narvik and nearby Riksgransen (in Sweden). But for those who want to continue with the human power - there are plenty of options.

The first 4 nights will be in fisherman's lodges and as well as ski touring we will be able to fish, surf and rent boats (maybe even a kayak to the start of a tour!). This part is self catering but there is a big supermarket in the nearby town of Svolvaer so very straight forward.

Then we will be heading towards Narvik and staying about 30 minutes from the town. This will give us great access to the towns ski area but also to Riksgransen and also the touring terrain. Here the plan will be to have breakfast and dinner provide with the capability of making packed lunches.

In short, it is going to be a cracker! 


Lofoten Lines Booking Deposit 2017

8th to 15th April 2017

£799 Price includes:

  • All accommodation for 7 nights
  • Use of vehicles and petrol
  • 3 days half board (near Narvik)

Extras (in case conditions do not permit)

  • Food (self catering) in Lofoten
  • Lift passes 
  • Surf lessons and equipment
  • Flights to Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes 
Get me to Norway

A few videos that show the beauty of the place. From the touring in the beauty of the Lofoten Islands, the lift access hiking from Narvik and the direct off piste from RIsgransen.